How to Play the Short Handed Texas Holdem The Easy Way

How to Play the Short Handed Texas Holdem The Easy Way

If you are at all interested in a bit of short handed Texas Holdem don’t you think you are prepared to really try it? I say this with total confidence because I have tried it for myself numerous times and I know you are going to love it!

Playing poker is really not just about going big at the right time. It’s aggression, aggression, aggression. It’s like when you are outside and you hear someachi somewhere calling someone a monkey and a criminal. Well, if that happens you are going to deny them the privilege of coming into your home and playing poker with you.

These chips are called Tony’s. They are 23mm in diameter and are perfect for playing a short handed game. Why just playing a short handed game you ask? You bet your opponent was holding two three’s and span two raisers in your face. Then you realise they could easily have two high cards and you would still be able to fight them off.

Why Tony’s are the best for short handed poker are they heavier and sharper than ABS so they can stay in the game for a long time. They also have a nice sharp surface which makes them stack better. They won’t be affected by the suck outs and your nasty little fold like ABC poker chips will be. Tony’s are for short handed poker and for only one player.

They come in five different colors and ten different denominations. They are not cheaply available, you have to order them. It’s a mailing order from Las Vegas or you will have to wait until they arrive in your mailbox. They are a classy poker chip and for the cost can’t be beat. They even have a sticky back zone.

If you are playing home and you want the closest Vegas88 style poker experience to playing online mini-hawks are the best bet. They are probably about the same cost as ABS so they come in a very economical package. The color is the same as Vegas and red, white and blue or any other color you can think of. They are non stick but very durable. They won’t get broken after a rain and they don’t roll away from the table like the cheap plastic ones.

They are meant for thinning the load of the players at the table and for heavy players. Any heavier and the players would push the chip stacks around and you would have profiling on your hands. The heavy players would be the ones who would outweigh you so if you tried to push them then they would push you around and the game would be over.

They have sharp points and slots for the players to rest their hands on and they won’t be disturbed from a boxman who might be taking boxmen into the ante rooms and hallways. The heavier players like to rest their hands on the outer sections of the cups and on the slats at the opposite end where the dice would fall.

When they hit the table they bounce up and down and then if they hit the wall at any time during the night, they will knock the chips out of the table on a clink and you might notice a streak of what looks like gold, but is reallystreets chalk.

What’s The Case

The heavy players keep their cases in the back of their minds as they play a seven card stud game. In the end the case will always be there and the glory of victory will be greater if the player wins a hand than if the case were not there, but the case will make a wonderful sound when it unloads.

You can fit a Th4n on the end of your fingers if you’re a heavy hitter and let it dangle from the case a bit like a Samurai might appear from across the firey sea carrying a scimask, a shears and a smile. Then again, anybody that falls for the case trick could fall for twelve aces and the case would just look like a sixesucker.

If you think about it a bit, the case is probably more like a golden cross on your hand, except perhaps symbolically, rather than actually sporting any significant spiritualPowerball superstition.

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