Blackjack Champ – Does This System Really Work?

Are you wondering if the Blackjack Champ scam is real? This system based on the online game called Blackjack is the third most popular systems today. But did anyone expect it to be true?

Blackjack is a game of mathematical probability. So the fact that the dealer has a better than 1% edge on you is no reason to believe that the dealers have a magic edge on you. In the long term, the people with the money will always win out. In the short term, the short term gamblers will lose out.

The Blackjack Champ Scam was a system of betting roulette systems developed by a man called Mr. Edited Binney. He claims that his system can help you beat the casinos and turn your gambling into a link to a very profitable business.

It seems that he has spent hundreds of hours in analyzing data and statistics in order to bring his system to the point where he thinks it is never wrong to bet on blackjack. Let’s give it a test run…

I placed my bets of £5 on the ‘Don’t Pass’ box and then simultaneously £50 on the ‘Pass’ box. At the same time I simultaneously recorded the results with a Notepad ( planned ) and I made a note of the results (my betting notes) of what had happened. It should have been a win, a loss, nothing else. except that the results from the first series were wins and the ones from the second were losses.

From these I gathered enough money to place £130 on the ‘Don’t Pass’ box with the stake of £30. I watched as the sequence went by and I saw my money there as well. Finally I recorded ‘scratches’ and used my cell phone to take a picture of the £30 pot. It was then that I realised that I had to go to the bar and get my money back. I went back to the scratch cards and saw that I had £90 on the ‘Free Spins’ section and I started to organise my bank account.

That night I took £15 out of my bank account onto the ‘Play’ section of the Scratchcards website. I ripped out the coupon and deposited the money, forgetting that in the same action I had scratched and drew two of the four corners on my free scratchcard. I played for a while and realised that I was slowly going to lose money. I went back to the scratch cards section and started playing normally. Within 10 minutes I had lost the £15 I had won plus £10 on the first four spins. I continued to lose and had to go home.

The next day I logged back in and managed to withdraw my money in addition to the £30 I had won. I popped into the casino and tried to play the same £30 I had won on the £90 roulette. Within 10 minutes I was down £100. I started to panic, which normally rarely happens when gambling.

I got home and dismissed all the events that had taken place thus far as part of my plan to win back my money. I turned on the TV to relax and Belle. I managed to open/close the Christmas lottery draw and was immediately on the phone to the original £90 roulette winner (Thanks Alisson, you gracefully accepted my friendly advice). I announced that I had no money and desired no financial gain from the event. He accepted my offer to share the winnings. With great trepidation I tallied the figures. 35:32 (ET=fair enough, I suppose). I then proceeded to have a mental Break down as to whether I really could win the money back. 3000:0 (Togel88)

In Roulette you either have a 50.62% chance of winning or a 47. leaning to win. The break down is actually a little suck, but I’ll take it….Don’t ask me how it works, you’ll have to see if one of the casino systems I know will be better. By the way, if you know of other good roulette systems, by all means publish! My method is open for public usage. The facts are, that for an even money event like this, card counting alone does NOT turn the odds in your favour. Hence my quip – “If you can’t spot the sucker at the table, chances are you’re the sucker”.

Poker – I’m working on a system that will be in the next edition of “Player’s handbook”.

It depends…..

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